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where did the butterfly peacock bass come from

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Coastal Angler Magazine and our interior (freshwater) publication, The Angler Magazine, are monthly editions dedicated to fishing, boating, and outdoor enthusiasts. The first Texas populations were released by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1978. That’s why before the FWC introduced the butterfly peacock bass to the canals of southwest Florida, they spent ten years researching the effects of introducing a new species. Whether you are a local resident or short term visitor, whether you are a saltwater fishermen or a freshwater fishermen, spending some time fishing for Butterfly Peacock Bass will be time well spent. Butterfly Peacock Bass habits are dramatically different to other bass during the spawning process. The Butterfly Peacock, also known as Peacock Bass, is an extremely popular freshwater non-native fish introduced to south Florida in 1984 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The canals were chosen as the ideal waterways for the bass to be introduced to for one very important reason: water temperature. They are very colorful with a green to black dorsal surface with yellow to cream colored sides. Yet it generates about 286,000 hours of angling enjoyment each year and provides nearly $5 million of annual economic benefit. ( Log Out /  The Peacock Bass is also a species in the FWC Big Catch Angler Recognition Program with minimum entry being 18-inches or 4-lbs for adults and 13-inches or 3 lbs for youth under the age of 16. These can be avoided by using tape, a leather thumb guard or a fish landing device like the Bogagrip. The average weight of a Butterfly Peacock in a fish in the 1-2 lb class. Follow us and be up to date with upcoming giveaways & outdoor news! These fish reportedly came from Guyana (Larsen 1993). In 1969, 60 to 100 peacock bass imported from Buga, Colombia, were introduced into a pond in Panama for sport fishing. Adult males can be distinguished from females for they have a pronounced hump forward of the dorsal fin. Texas stock came from Colombia and possibly Brazil, and from the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. Butterfly Peacock Bass or Ocellaris Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris) are native to the rivers and tributaries of northern South America in Colombia, Venezuela, Guianas & Brazil. There is now a self-sustained population. Butterfly Peacock. The Butterfly Peacock Bass is native to tropical America through much of the Amazon and Orinoco watersheds. They have three thick black vertical bars down the sides and they have a large black spot with a white or yellow-gold halo on the caudal tail. They take seasoning well and just about any type of cooking technique from frying, grilling, baking, and stir-fry. The Butterfly peacock bass Cichla ocellaris enjoys warm tropical weather, they do not like cold climates. Just leave the plastic worms home or for the largemouth bass. The relocation was a huge success! On a positive note, the economic boom from the introduction has been beneficial to many residents and anglers in the state. The State regulation for the harvesting of Butterfly Peacock Bass is two fish per day of which only one may be 17-inches or longer in total length. Species Status Nonnative; View All Species; Appearance. Sizes in US and South America vary greatly But how, or better yet, why are they here? There exists 4 recognized species of peacock bass in the world and Rio Mataven held 3 of those 4: Pavon Mariposa (The Butterfly Peacock Pass), Pavon Temensis (speckled peacock bass) and, specific to that region, the Pavon Orinoco (Orinoco Peacock Bass). The IGFA World Record is a 12.6 lb fish caught in Venezuela. These species include the oscar, Midas cichlid, and the spotted tilapia. Names for the Butterfly Peacock Bass . Peacock bass, Cichla monoculus, originally from the Amazon River and its tributaries, are voracious predators. When cooked the meat is flaky and tender with a light sweet taste similar to snapper. Forty-five years later, native fish populations in the lake still have not recovered according to a new Smithsonian report. Both adults look after the fry for several months, aggressively protecting from predators. By the end of the day, successful anglers using this grip will have many minor thumb scrapes caused by sandpaper-like teeth. The Butterfly Peacock Bass has the ability to reproduce multiple times a year and is a voracious predator. These are a non-native species of freshwater fish that has been introduced to Florida’s waterways. Peacocks are hard strikers and they provide strong runs with plenty of acrobatics. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The Butterfly Peacock Bass provides great table fare. In 1984, after the years of research, about 20,000 butterfly peacock bass fingerlings were stocked into the canal systems of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. With over 1 million print readers per month and the industry’s most expansive distribution network, we have emerged as one of the largest outdoor publications in the United States and abroad, thus solidifying our place as a preferred resource. You can pick up your area’s local edition at over 11,000 marine specific businesses, retail outlets or big box stores. Southwest Florida is the only area within the United States where butterfly peacock bass can be found. The Florida peacock bass preys upon these other species as a food source thus helping deplete the population. Southwest Florida is the only area within the United States where butterfly peacock bass can be found. Several individuals escaped. Butterfly peacock bass (Cichla ocellaris) were introduced into the man-made canals of southeast Florida to reduce abundant and underutilized exotic fishes, and to increase the socioeconomic value of fisheries resources in this highly urbanized area.

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