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what is fuse and its uses

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The I2t  terms related to fuse normally used in short circuit condition. Application of resettable fuses is overcome where manually replacing fuses is difficult or almost impossible, e.g. How to Read MCB Nameplate Data Rating Printed on it? in the AC system, voltage with 60Hz or 50Hz frequency changes its amplitude from zero to 60 times every second, so arc can be extinct easily as compared to DC. Fuses can be easily coordinated to provide selectivity under both overload and short-circuit conditions. thank you so much for showing the different types of fuses. Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) is a software interface for Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems that lets non-privileged users create their own file systems without editing kernel code. High Voltage fuses are rated for more than 1500V and up to 13kV. The Uses for a Slow-Blow Fuse and a Fast-Blow Fuse. A fuse is an electric / electronic or mechanical device, which is used to protect circuits from over current, overload and make sure the protection of the circuit. In bolted types of fuses, the base of the fuse contacted directly to the base of the fuse, same like HRC Fuses,  to read more about Blade Type and Bolted types of fuses related to HRC fuses, check the  post. Such fuses found their application in motor control electronics systems because motors take a lot more current at starting than running. Electric fuse was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1890. There are two types of Cartridge fuses. Peak let-thru current (Ip) and I²t are two measures of the degree of current limitation provided by a fuse. Step by Step Procedure with Calculation & Diagrams, How to Calculate the Battery Charging Time & Battery Charging Current – Example, Automatic UPS / Inverter Wiring & Connection Diagram to the Home, How to Find The Suitable Size of Cable & Wire for Electrical Wiring Installation? In a DC system, when the metallic wire melts because of the heat generated by the over current, then Arc is produced and it is very difficult to extinguish this arc because of DC constant value. Fuses can also help make your control systems UL and NEC compliant. Fuse, Circuit Breaker and Protection Symbols, fuse (High Rupturing Capacity) construction, operation and their applications, Single Phase Electrical Wiring Installation in Home – NEC & IEC, Three Phase Electrical Wiring Installation in Home – NEC & IEC, Cables Feeder Protection – Faults Types, Causes & Differential Protection, All About Electrical Protection Systems, Devices And Units, Failures In Electrical Systems, Equipments & Materials, What is intermediate switch, Its Construction and Applications, Home Electrical Wiring Installation Tutorials, A Complete Guide About Solar Panel Installation. Limited Edition... Book Now Here. Hence, the fuses could be blown. Fuse base is connected to the fuse cap where the cartridge is inside the fuse cap. Mostly, they are used in automobiles for wiring and short circuit protection. Fuse base is connected to the fuse cap where the cartridge is inside the fuse cap. However, I got a question. However, fuses are not the only devices that you can use to protect your gear from overcurrent. The value of maximum current that can safely be interrupted by the Fuse is called Breaking Capacity and should be higher than the prospective short circuit current. other factors and parameters are marking, temperature derating, voltage drop and speed etc. nice information is uploaded here …..thank you for guiding us….. Bases of voltage rating, a fuse can be HV (High Voltage) LV (Low Voltage),  and Miniature Fuses. What will be the impact of selecting an AC fuse to keep it in the rotor circuit of a slip ring induction motor? Current limiting fuses from AutomationDirect meet the UL and NEC codes. The inner fuse element as fuse carrier made of tinned copper, Aluminum, Lead etc and the base made of porcelain having the IN and OUT terminals which is used to be in series with the circuit to protect. How to Find The Suitable Size of Cable &  Wire for Electrical Wiring Installation? When too much current flows through the low resistance element of the fuse, the element melts and breaks the circuit. Limits peak let-through current to a value less than the available peak current. 6A fuse rating instead of 5.4A for safe and reliable operation of the circuit. The high current limiting action of a fuse minimizes or eliminates component damage. Fuse Limiters, Glass Tube (also known as Bosch Fuse) are widely used in automotive industries. Your email address will not be published. Therefore, it disconnects the power supply from the connected system. Fuses can be divided into two main categories according to the type of input supply voltage. On the other hand, i.e. They are available up to 600A and 600V AC and widely used in industries, commercial as well as home distribution panels. Breaker Calculator & Examples, How to Find the Voltage & Ampere Rating of Switch, Plug, Outlet & Receptacle. As mentioned above, thermal fuse is a one time used only fuse. EE-Tools, Instruments, Devices, Components & Measurements, Electrical & Electronics Notes and Articles, Automotive, Blade Type & Bolted Type Fuses, Main Difference between Fuse and Circuit Breaker, MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) – Construction, Working, Types & Uses, Difference Between MCB, MCCB, ELCB & RCB, RCD or RCCB Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breaker (ACB): Construction, Operation, Types and Uses, How to Find the Proper Size of Circuit Breaker? The most famous kit-kat fuse (also known as rewireable fuse) mostly used in industries and home electrical wiring for small current applications in Low Voltage (LV) systems. This is especially true where high fault currents exist or where small components such as Control Transformers or DC power supplies need protection. The main advantage of a rewireable fuse is that It can be rewired easily in case it is blown due to short circuit or over current which melts the fuse elements. Resettable fuse is a device, which can be used multiple times without replacing it. Simple, put another wire of fuse elements with the same rating as before. Required fields are marked *, All about Electrical & Electronics Engineering & Technology. Switch Type Fuses:-In this type of fuse, basically metal enclosed of a switch and a fuse and is far used for low and medium voltage level. Fuse and Types of Fuses – Construction, Operation & Applications, Different Types of Fuses – Constriction, Working & Characteristics. While selecting the proper fuse and its rated size for electrical appliances is based on different factors and environments. General purpose fuse with no time delay and 2. Tri-National Standards specify fuse performance and maximum allowable fuse Ip and I²t let-thru values. As a fuse ages, the speed of response will not slow down or change. Fuses can also be categorized based on one time or multiple Operations. Below is the brief explanation of the above categories. Updated NEC and UL standards are causing the need for potentially expensive system upgrades to non-fused systems. Your email address will not be published. We have already discussed in very details about HRC fuse (High Rupturing Capacity) construction, operation and their applications. Can We Use AC Circuit Breaker for DC Circuit & Vice Versa? thank you soo much ……….. as you help me any time. A fuse’s ability to provide protection will not be adversely affected by the passing of time. Owned and Operated by 1. Whenever a short circuit, over current or mismatched load connection occurs, then the thin wire inside the fuse melts because of the heat generated by the heavy current flowing through it. In this article, we will discuss the different types of fuses, its construction, working and operation and their application in various electronics and electrical systems. It also covers different types of HRC fuses like DIN type, NH Type, Blade Type, Liquid Type HRC Fuse, Expulsion Type HV Fuse, advantages & disadvantage etc. The fuse link chamber  may filled with boric acid in case of expulsion type HV (High Voltage) Fuses. 1. To read more articles about circuit protection, click here. This fuse is the common fuse we find in much everyday electronic equipment. It is used to connect and install in series with a circuit and device which needs to be protected from short circuit and over current, otherwise, electrical appliance may be damaged in case of absence of the fuse and circuit breaker as they are unable to handle the excessive current according to their rating limits. This keeps the excessive current from continuing down the circuit to more expensive equipment. Fuses which respond rapidly to the over current situation is called ultra fast fuses or Fast fuses. In a thermal fuse, the fuse element holds a mechanical spring contact which is normally closed. High Voltage (HV) fuses are used in power systems to protect the power transformer, distribution transformers and instrument transformer etc. Both are available in 250V AC to 600V AC and its rating can be found on the end cap or knife blade. They are made for … The higher the current flowing through the wire, faster will be the response time. The rating of automobile fuses are low as 12V to 42V. The working principle of a fuse is based on the “Heating effect of Current” i.e. Fuses or Circuit Breakers: Which should you use? Up tp 93% Off - Launching Official Electrical Technology Store - Shop Now!

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