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These are the top cards across all decks, ranked by popularity relative to the number of decks that could play them (restricted by color identity). But yeah our rule 0 doesn't ban the salt list either. A card's salt score is based on over 631,000 votes on a scale 0 to 4 from EDH players in July 2020. Speaking of which, I wonder if Smothering Tithe had come out when we did the salt index last time. Derevi, meanwhile, is a means to untap permanents that might, theoretically, be locked down by Stasis effects. I use it as a reference for cards people general find unfun, as the goal of my decks are equal parts winning and group enjoyment of the game. In the spirit of my budget deckbuilding series, Low Market, I’m also going to cap myself at $100.00 – this is notably higher than the average cost of a Low Market deck, but salt doesn’t come cheap in this economy. A couple topdeck manipulation spells like Brainstorm prevent high-CMC spells from living in our hand, and lay the foundation for explosive attacks. Owning a card like that means the player is especially invested in the game. The wizards of the EDHREC team have you covered, with what we’re calling the Salt Early Warning System*. As you may know, EDHREC collects data only from decks made or updated within the past two years in order to better reflect the current meta. At the end of the day, our High-Salt Narset Land Destruction deck checks out for approximately $100.00 by TCG Mid pricing, and our oh-so-critical salt score is 115.96. There are also cards that are literally banned on the list. Commander's Quarters had a video mentioning how he dislikes rhystic study because it slows the game significantly, not that the card is over the top. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander Being in white gets us Auras that grant indestructible, addressing our above need, and also gives us several convenient cards that tutor for Auras such as Three Dreams. Like when I'm making a deck and want to look at other decklists on edhrec, I sort them by highest salt rating first. When she isn't playing games, she's probably singing, or acting, or both. With all that data, we created a Top 100 list of the most salt-inducing cards in Commander. Since Narset’s main jam is casting noncreature spells, I wanted a noncreature method of closing out the game, and landed on Aura-based Voltron. I happen to be much saltier about Rhystic Study than any sort of Stax/MLD/etc, AMA! With assistance from the Top 100 list, let’s try to make the saltiest deck we can manage. If as a group we elected to modify the banlist then I would personally be fine with it, but in a random game at my store I'd be pretty upset since the card is banned. Like, there is a difference between how Smothering Tithe and Overburden play, but they're both going to tick people off and you should be apprised of that before you put them in a deck. level 2. We’ve stuffed in a dozen mana rocks and reduced our land count a hair, since lands are useless when exiled by our commander. Last time I looked most of them get played in my group other than the blow up all lands spells. To me voting it as a 'salty' card wasn't from the power level or the card itself, but the fact that a player who owns one should probably know better than to put it in a random EDH deck. The only way I would see it making sense is if they were talking about cards that situationally mimic Ancestral Recall like [[Visions of Beyond]], [[Treasure Cruise]] or maybe [[Ancestral Visions]] in a cascade deck but I don't know who on earth would be like "sure, you can play Ancestral Recall even though it's banned" and then get salty over it, I think aggregate scores over the years could level out things like this. Now that we know saltiest cards on the block, it’s only fair that we put our salt where our mouth is.

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