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It's a good mattress. But the best part is sleeping on it. Do not waste your time or money on any other mattress besides this one! These pictures show the mold with and without the mattress protector. This is the best bed of all time and the best price on the internet. It was EXTREMELY comfortable, and much more comfortable than mattresses costing double or triple the price that we tried. We bought a Sealy memory foam mattress for our guest bedroom. It was comfy first night (Not broken in yet) but I did wake up in the middle of the night really really hot. Memory foam mattresses are different in their feel than coils.I also noticed it was a bit warmer sleeping than our old mattress. This is the second one I purchased. This is a VERY NICE mattress and a wonderful addition to our guest room. You can find a way to pin the sheets but that’s a hassle.Overall, if the mattress is for one person to sleep on you shouldn’t have an issue. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "comfymattress-20"; My fiance and I have been using this mattress for a year now with no troubles. Great bed. I am a chiropractor for 30 years. And, the cool gel works - keeping the mattress from overheating. This site's sole purpose is to make the decision making process faster and more efficient. This is it.Here are the things we experienced:--NO smell at all. They arrived on time and after letting them expand for a couple hours they were ready to use. I wouldn't call it that. After wrestling it of the floor (I should have opened the plastic with it on the platform), I measured its height at 9 inches. It also has a 10 year warranty. My husband has scoliosis and lots of back pain and needs support. But I did find myself angling into my wife if she slept near me. Both of the mattresses Lucid or Zinus medium firmness but if you are specifically looking at this point to make a difference, we can pull out something. This currently review is based off ONE night of sleeping on it. It did not have a smell and expanded fully after a few hours. Zinus has been in the furniture game since 1979, selling extremely affordable furniture. If you're on the fence about buying a memory foam mattress, get this one! This was a completely different experience. I’m in LOVE w/ my new mattress i highly recommend y’all to purchase one . The smell faded away quickly and I also grew to kind of like it (associating it with bed and being happy versus the disparity and depression that consumes my life). Nothing sunken in parts yet, I'm about 110lb on my fat days and I sleep on one side consistently. It is actually pretty cool, I would have to confirm in the summer time though. It was fully inflated in just a few hours and I slept on it that night. Also, unlike Temperpedic, this mattress doesn't trap all of your body heat! The mattress is soft yet also firm and it conforms to your body. Until and unless it satisfies its consumers, it would be good for nothing, same goes for our mattresses too. Prime 2-day shipping didn't fail me, and the 65 lb box was dropped right next to my house by FedEx. Seriously, where the hell else are you gonna get a decent mattress for this price?4. Not the happiest with the mattress because it has only been two years since I bought it, but it has a deep sag in it. I've slept on it 4 nights now and it's AWESOME. Overall, one of their big differentiators is there wide variety of products that you can buy. It is soft and as soon as you lie down the foam melts around your body. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Getting input from customers is a great way to shorten your list of potential mattresses to look at. Will eventually change all of the mattresses in the house to this Ultima memory foam. Overall good bed for firm users and it curves to your body. Classic Brands: Get Yours Now. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to … I contacted Classic and they said to inspect the cover and the foam for damage. Also, you may find them in Macy's and Home Depot. Here, the Lucid takes the lead when making the sale and having a happier customer base. :). It is a welcome addition and upgrade to the very old set we just removed from the bed and something our guests are sure to enjoy. True to size, sheets fit well. I was pleased with the product. Bed is comfortable, but more on the firmer side. It's firmer than I like, but it does kind of contour to your body. Mid Layer: Because of the much plush top layer, Zinus had to provide comfort foam in the mid-layer. Came vacuum packed, which is cool. You can find it by searching "Sleep Master 12-Inch Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress" and look for the video with the thumbnail reading "Sleep Master Mattress Unboxing". Trust that I have done this research for you and you need not look any further! Not too firm but not too soft. Expanded as expected in the time frame outlined. Also my move in date got delayed so the mattress set in the box unopened for almost a month but did not do any damage to the mattress itself. We didn't want something in there that we wouldn't like. Having seen the warnings, I carefully opened the ends only to find what looked like a stuffed laundry bag. You can't go wrong with this mattress. Within minutes, it was fully puffed up, and so comfortable, I couldn't believe it. I'm 180lbs and I can feel myself sink into this one a couple of inches. This is a terrific mattress and a great value! As plush as an inner spring pillow top, but without the eventually troublesome springs that soon cause lumpy mattress syndrome. I've been sleeping on this for about 2 weeks now, and I'm kicking myself for not buying sooner! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; I don't think I have had this quality of sleep in a long time. I bought a memory foam pillow a few months ago at Belk. The outer edge is just not that solid. It too was an online purchase in an effort to have the comfort of a memory foam and not the expense of a Temper Pedic. Is this bed stellar? They're pretty firm and perfect for my kid's bunk beds. Magic! So Zinus Green Tea Mattress tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Classic Brands 14" Gramercy, as seen on the chart below. I am not usually capable of sleeping on firm mattresses, but this is an exception. *** I did NOT receive this product in exchange for my review. And honestly, if you order a bed-in-a-box like this, open it and find out 2 weeks later you really don't like it, what are you going to do? Feel free to comment and I'll be happy to answer!10/18/2014 UPDATE: Almost one year later and I am still loving this mattress! And secondly, the style of mattress selected such as Twin XL, King, or Full XL. I added a 2'' memory foam topper under my mattress pad, and it's given it new life. I was skeptical about this bed, so cheap. On the other side in the case of Lucid, there is no such layer that provides it with a bit of extra firmness with the same levels of comfort. As a result, it has better ventilation, keeping the top surface much cooler. Durable mattresses last anywhere between 7 - 12 years based on the materials. Perhaps this review will help you.....Details: I am 5'10", 268 pounds, stocky, and was recently not-exactly-diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have been using down pillows, and love them, but decided to try the gel foam pillow. I promise it'll be the best decision you've made!! I live in Minnesota, so I've heard the cold can potentially mess with it not reinflating entirely. Some of the users have also reported in the fact that Lucid is a bit too firm, still, it is good enough for you to sleep in any position you like. For years we slept on a traditional inner spring mattress with memory foam topper for comfort.

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