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best weapons for leviathan raid 2019

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Kibou AR3 8. If you're going into the realm I recommend the Valakadyn for the skulls. Back when it was introduced, weapons all had fixed rolls, Special weapons didn't exist, and Raid mods weren't a thing. Sleeper Simulant 5. Generally speaking, the Coil is not that great. High power level armor pieces are a usual occurrence in Destiny raids, and Leviathan is no different. Nameless Midnight 9. Oh hey thanks! Removed The Ringing Nail, Luna’s Howl, and Prometheus Lens. It nearly does double the damage of the Sleeper (reserve ammo count). Pleiades Corrector 9. A list of our Destiny 2 best weapon recommendations in every weapon category, from best auto rifles to the best bows, hand cannons and scout rifles. I usually go two autos (Origin Story, Uriel’s Gift) and EP shotty for dogs and bathers, or something explosive rounds (Better Devils, Nameless Midnight) and an auto with EP shotty. Gauntlet bring scout and auto, and Sleeper to kill the mini bosses. If you're looking for a versatile weapon that is useful for every part of the Leviathan Raid, look no further than the Merciless. In unserem Raid-Guide findet Ihr Lösungen für alle Phasen. I use Coldheart to kill skulls easily. Always use BD or MC as my kinetic. But if you're going into the realm I recommend a weapon that has a good range (scout or handcannon, if you're more a automaic rifle guy then Duty Bound or Origin Story). Valakadyn, Power1.The Wardcliff Coil 2. Coordination is key to maximize the efficiency of these Rifts, but there are literally no other Exotics in Destiny 2 that can be more helpful in the Throne room encounter (which, admittedly, isn't saying much considering how niche some of the other Exotics are), as it forces you to group up on a plate if you want to achieve maximum DPS. This odd freeze-ray may seem rather unwieldy at first, but it shines during the boss fight with Calus (or for that matter, any fight where the target is large and stationary), especially if you are responsible for destroying skulls in the Shadow Realm. I get why some people prefer to have a non-exotic heavy, especially with strong options like IKELOS weapons, but Acrius is definitely worth a slot. Throughout the first year of Destiny 1, one weapon towered above all others: Gjallarhorn. If you must use a sniper rifle, at least use one that offers extra headshot damage. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. After three years of constant change, Midnight Coup still remains as a fantastic Hand Cannon. Hi everybody! About Us, PC Gaming Content Energy: valakadyn (or any other 720rpm ar, but valakadyn is slightly better than the others). You may not have the Sins of the Past and the It Stared Back yet because those are weapons you only get while completing the encounters on the Leviathan. Kinetic – Removed Spare Rations. Interesting to see Ghost Primus/Origin Story so high up. Works great on Gauntlet and Baths. Obtained from the Leviathan Raid or Benedict 99-40, this Hand Cannon always comes with Outlaw and Rampage as perks. The magazine size is far from ideal, but if you're looking for a backup weapon in the Castellum, there are far worse choices than the Sunshot. Aesthetics aside, every Warlock should pursue the Lunafaction Boots simply because of the enormous utility that they provide to the team. 8. Ethics & Standards That is more or less the only reason why D.A.R.C.I. Guardians will spend hours upon hours hunting for even the chance to pick up one of these powerful weapons. Shotguns and Fusion Rifles are simply far more versatile, and they can be used without putting you in direct danger, which is usually a good idea in Raids since losing a teammate can cause a chain reaction of death among the Raid team. Power: ep shotgun for most of the raid, darci for Calus. BrayTech Winter Wolf, Energy1.Graviton Lance 2. The best weapons for Destiny 2’s raid and PvE What are the best Destiny 2 PvE weapons? Nowhere else is this more apparent than in the existence of The Prospector, which is basically just a fully automatic grenade launcher. I didn't even think to check that way. If, for some reason, Destiny 2's RNG-infested loot system really hates you and you just can't find any of the aforementioned weapons, keep in mind that there are plenty of weapons that can be used as replacements. I've got some free time coming up and wanted to knock out a raid for the Triumphs. Power: Legend of Acrius/Ikelos SG, Sins of the Past / Curtain Call, Merciless, Kinetic and Energy weapons don't matter. Multiple Warlocks with multiple sets of these boots? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Indie Gaming Content Press J to jump to the feed. Unfortunately, this weapon is exclusive to those who pre-ordered Destiny 2 until December 5, 2017. Then it’s.... Because I always go to shadow so I switch to Nameless Midnight to kill scions just cuz it feels better for me. Energy: If you're staying in the throne room then any energy weapon you like. Hi there, I heavily need to disagree with you in some points. Der Leviathan-Raid in Destiny 2 wurde geknackt! The gun is really really good-damage, ammo economy, range are all great. If it's your first time doing a raid I would recommend doing it with at least 1 experienced player so they can tell you what weapons are good for each encounter. In this guide, I'll explain how to complete Destiny 2's very first raid, the Leviathan in a beginner friendly way! Tractor Cannon 6. Energy – Added Telesto, Hard Light, Misfit. TechRaptor Team Pulse Rifles are also acceptable if they are of the slightly faster-firing variety like Nightshade, but you should be mainly looking for precision weapons that offer a high critical damage modifier to efficiently dispatch standard enemies and to give you some extra damage against bosses. While wearing the Boots, Warlock Rifts will automatically reload the weapons of every teammate who is standing in the Rift, which means that you and your team can unleash an endless barrage of bullets so long as the Rift exists. Kinetic: midnight coup (or dfa if you don't have mc). Part of the Shadow Realm team? The Legend of Acrius is really underestimated. TechRaptor is your source for high quality gaming news, reviews, and articles. Manannan SR4 7. Better Devils 4. D.A.R.C.I. Sleeper or Sins for Calus or Argos damage. Manage Cookies / Privacy Policy, Write for TechRaptor Kinetic: Midnight coup (raid hc), Better devils (curicible hc), Origin story (vanguard ar), Nameless Midnight (vanguard sr), Ghost primus (raid ar), Energy: Uriel's gift (gunsmith ar), Valakydn (gunsmith ar, this one is very good for boss damage) Positive Outlook (vanguard ar), The number (FWC ar), Mannannan sr4 (gunsmith sr), Pleiades Corrector (FWC sr), Power: Curtain call (vanguard rl), Ikelos SG_V1.01 (escalation protocol sg), Ikelos SR_V1.01 (escalation protocol sniper, only good for boss damage). For practicality's sake though, it may be for the best if no more than one Hunter on your Raid team wears this, as it offers very little utility for the team; having a combination of Gunslingers and Nightstalkers is a bit more ideal than a mass of Gunslingers, especially if they don't all have access to a Nighthawk. This perk resets on a kill, but that is rather irrelevant when most of the priority targets in the Raid (bosses, Bathers, Standard Bearers, etc.) If you've ever attempted a Raid in any RPG, then you know that there can be no room for error, for even the simplest errors can lead to a wipe and the loss of hours of progress. I find that I tend to kill my self with the coil, so am hesitant to use it. Even Ikelos has a hard time, with its melee buff it can compete a bit. Unfortunately, you will have to (rather literally) jump inside and out of the Rift for the Boots to actually work, but there are a few saving graces; merely activating the Rift will instantly reload all of your weapons, so you and your team can empty all of your guns on a target, drop a Rift, and keep shooting. Legend of Acrius is melting Dogs fastest, no other weapon can keep up with it. Polaris Lance 10. exists, though there are better, more versatile options for the majority of the Raid. This Exotic Hunter helmet is a paragon of what Exotics should feel like in Destiny 2. Valakadin is a great choice for skulls. The only area where the Midnight is at a clear disadvantage is if you are responsible for shooting skulls in the Calus fight, and even then, you should have an automatic backup weapon if that is the role that is assigned to you. That is the harsh reality of how Raids work, and that maxim remains true in Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid. There is no meta for normal Levi. Power – Added Bad Omens. Ghost Primus 6. Skyburner's Oath 6. The Nameless Midnight offers explosive bullets, high ammo efficiency, respectable damage (enough to put down a Legionnaire within four or five body shots), and a decent rate of fire, all of which are necessary traits for the Raid, so much so that the Midnight should be considered a standard Raid weapon. Merciless (Fusion Rifle) If you're looking for a versatile weapon that is useful for every part of the Leviathan Raid, look no further than the Merciless. However, that's not to say that if you find a weapon that you are comfortable with in a given situation, you shouldn't use it. The Huckleberry 5. Inaugural Address 4. As a rule of thumb though, every member of the Raid team should have either a Scout Rifle or Hand Cannon on them as a primary weapon.

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